Music Curriculum Design & Support

If your school currently finds the teaching of the music curriculum not consistently implemented or timetabled across the key stages, it is probably time to review your whole school music curriculum overview.

Bespoke Curriculum Design for your school

Many schemes do have postive points and useful resources, but no one scheme is a perfect fit for every school.

Many schemes that schools buy in are heavily populated with activities with little scope for revisiting and allowing the students to practise the skills that are introduced.
Likewise, many non-specialists do not feel confident enough to tackle the amount of activities as set out and described.

Bespoke Planning for Progression

We now offer a package of support that will include reviewing your current overviews, schemes and resources and a learning walk to get a sense of the school’s current musical environment. Upon this review, a scaled down plan for each year group will be discussed with the music lead and then demonstrated to the staff, including links to the relevant supporting resources.

A deliverable and quality curriculum that builds confidence in non specialists

The aim and objective is to provide the teaching staff with realistic, engaging and diverse musical activities to be introduced, repeated, practised and then performed with their classes.
These plans wil take in account the reality of timetabling: productions, exams, etc. by not overpopulating each half term or ‘unit’.

Designed for teachers a children

This project is being led by and experienced music educator and practitioner who has a background in researching how children learn and the role music plays in their development. The facilitator’s experience in music education spans years of studying, practising and delivering curriculum based music lessons inspired by the methods of Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze and adapting these to fit in our modern global society.

In addition, she is a qualified teacher and has experience being a class based teacher in primary school to help gain the perspective of the daily demands of class teachers.

Immersive Music Delivery

The immersive music delivery package is designed to give both students and teachers the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in  a day filled with musical activities that are fun, engaging and repeatable.

This day is ideally to be delivered to one year group/class, but queries can be made for alternate arrangements subject to suitability.

Singing, Playing, Listening and Creating

Each immersive day if designed to engage in age-related music curriculum skills building for the students with activities that can cultivate into performances:  responses to pieces of music through movement or playing instruments, singing, creating ensembles, playing melodies and accompaniments and providing the framework for further exploration in composition.

Supporting your staff with CPD

CPD for teaching staff is built into this package through its content and observation of delivery. Each immersive day is planned with activities that are most effectively repeated in sessions following the day and practised to build the skills that are being developed in the activities. By first observing the specialist teacher leading , staff can gain the confidence to replicate the lessons and follow on to lead their children in music making.