Joining and being part of an ensemble is an exciting oppourtunity for all who play an instrument.  At SIPS Music and Arts musicians will have the opportunity to be part of a variety of ensembles rehearsing weekly during term time and performing regularly.

To be part of a music centre ensemble we ask that everyone completes the two forms; the ‘registration & consent form’ to provide contact details and other information and the ‘termly music centre membership fees form’ or ‘100% remission form’ if your child qualifies for pupil premium.  Please note membership payments are processed through our trusted partner ‘The People’s Box office’.

The ensemble registration & consent form only needs to be completed once each academic year.  

Membership fees are payable each term via ‘The Peoples Box Office’. If your child qualifies for pupil premium please use the 100% remission form detailed below.

Termly membership fees remain the same as previous years including discount for siblings and 100% fee remission for low income families. Music Centre membership enables each child to play in as many ensembles as they are eligible to join and as places are available.

Membership is £45.00 per term for a single child, subsequent siblings qualify for 50% sibling discount of £22.50 per term and 100% fee remission is available by application, using the remission form below for low income families who are in receipt of Pupil Premium/free school meals. We do not wish anyone to be unable to participate due to financial circumstances. Please contact the Music & Arts Service on 0121 296 2997 or

Other useful information such as rehearsal dates, concert dates and code of conduct can also be found on the page.

If you require any further assistance please contact us on 0121 296 2997 or email us at

Please select either ‘membership fees’ page or ‘100% remission form’ below.

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