Why not have a listen to some music off this list highly recommended for string players.

Why not learn to sing and play Bambalela with Mrs Masters.

Here’s Mrs Cochrane with some bowing games!

Play along with Mrs Cochrane in 4 pieces from ‘cello time sprinters.

Does your instrument need a little tune up?  Here’s Mrs Young to help you.

French Folk Song

Practice track

Have you been working on

‘French Folk Song’?

Why not playalong and perform

with these backing tracks.

French Folk Song

Performance track

Here’s Mrs Masters with some open A tips and exercises!

Here’s Mrs Hill with some top tips for left hand position

Here’s Mrs Masters with a favourite of many, We Will Rock You!

Here’s Mrs Masters with some top tips to develop vibrato.

Here’s some bowing tips and advice from Mrs Parker.

Here’s Mrs Lawrie learning all about the Waltz!

Here’s Mrs Masters with Helter Skelter!

Why not try some of these open string Violin and Viola duets with Mrs Young.

Sit back enjoy listening to ‘The Swan’ played by Miss Baker.

How is your crotchet and quaver reading? Why not try out this rhythm grid with Mrs Matthews.

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