Playing Happy Birthday for Sheila!

Many if you will know Sheila as she worked for the service for many years. A landmark birthday is fast aproaching and it has been suggested it would be nice for us to video record happy birthday as we are unable too meet.

Below is a link to parts and a backing track. On the backing track there are 5 clicks (1 bar and 2 crotchets) before the first note of the piece. The last pause is a full 3 clicks.

If you haven’t recorded virtually before, you need to play to the backing track using headphone but check out the ‘how to’ video for specific details. ¬†Obviously the parental permission isn’t required for this!!

Once you’ve video recorded yourself send the video using the ‘playing’ upload link. ¬†In the how to guide it talks through using this also.

If you would also like to send a short video message to be included you can do this using the video message button below.

Thanks for taking part!

Submit your videos no later than 8th April

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