Teacher Name: Miss Churchill

Instrument(s) taught: Drum Kit

Hobbies: Playing in my band, going to live concerts, nature and travelling.

Favourite thing: Drumming in my band and performing music live!

Least favourite thing: Mint ice-cream

Most interesting place you have performed: At Vestrock Festival in The


Netherlands OR in a castle in France.

Best performance you’ve ever watched: This is a hard question! I’m going to say my first ever gig which was an indie rock band called Circa Waves. I’d never seen a ‘famous’ band before and I was totally hooked on watching gigs from then on.

Which countries have you visited, and did you play your instrument: I have played the drums in The Netherlands three times and in France twice. For a holiday, I have visited lots of countries including Greece, Iceland, Italy, Sicily, Spain, Cyprus, Ireland and Belgium.

What is your…

Favourite book/film: Angels and Demons… but I also really love the Paddington movie.

Favourite animal: African Elephant

Favourite place: On a stage

What instrument would you play, if you had to choose another one apart from your first instrument: I’d love to play bass guitar/double bass, but I also think playing the harp would be amazing

Any other interesting facts about yourself? I can identify almost any bird if I see it, I am currently learning Italian and my favourite styles of music to listen to are alternative rock, indie and jazz.