Teacher Name: Mr Beer


Instrument(s) taught: All Brass instruments


Hobbies: Reading, Computer games, Walking, Geocaching, playing in various Orchestras including Birmingham Philharmonic orchestra.


Favourite thing: Star Wars/Star Trek/pretty much anything Sci-Fi


Least favourite thing: Reality TV


Most interesting place you have performed: I’ve played in many concert halls around the world; however I suppose one of the most interesting places I’ve played was to a large audience of park-goers at Disneyland Paris. I’ve also played on tour in a piazza in Venice. Getting the instruments on and off boats to get there was interesting!


Best performance you’ve ever watched: I’m torn between The CBSO and the National Orchestra of Wales playing Mahler’s second symphony. Both amazing performances of one of the best pieces of music ever written (in my opinion)



Which countries have you visited, and did you play your instrument: America – no Austria – yes Australia – yes Canada – yes France – Yes Italy – yes China – yes Czech republic – yes United Arab Emirates – no Malta – no Spain – no


What is your…

Favourite book/film: Lord of the Rings Trilogy J.R.R Tolkien

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back


Favourite animal: Monkey – particularly spider monkeys!


Favourite place: Rome


What instrument would you play, if you had to choose another one apart from your first instrument: Double Bass, I keep meaning to try and get some lessons!


Any other interesting facts about yourself?

I have an irrational hatred of Baked Beans… apparently, this is called Leguminophobia…