Name: Mrs Westwood


School: Bristnall Hall Academy

Instrument(s) played: Piano, Flute and Vocals

Hobbies: Playing in various orchestras, reading and cooking

Favourite thing: Being a mom and inspiring young people!

Least favourite thing: people not supporting the arts!

Most interesting place you have performed:  02 Arena.

Best performance you’ve ever watched. Shirley Bassey live- wow what a voice!!

Which countries have you visited, and did you play your instrument: My top 3 are Mexico, Florida and Finland. I didn’t play an instrument, but I have performed vocals in each of these places 😊

What is your…

Favourite book/film: I like such a wide variety of films and books. It all depends what mood I am in. I love comedy and horrors!

Favourite animal: Dog

Favourite place: Orlando Florida and Disney- it was amazing!

What instrument would you play, if you had to choose another one apart from your first instrument: Saxophone!

Any other interesting facts about yourself? I used to play darts for England.

Message to Year 7 music pupils

I’m so excited to welcome you to BHA Music. We have lots of clubs that you can join including:

  • Practical Practice Club
  • Vocal Group
  • Rock Band Club
  • Keyboard Club
  • Musical Theatre Club (we put on a musical every July).