Teacher Name: Mrs Bayley-Kitts


Instrument(s) taught: Piano-Viola-Violin-curriculum music


Hobbies: Playing in orchestras-baking cakes-walking-travelling-gardening


Favourite thing: cake


Least favourite thing: housework


Most interesting place you have performed: Royal Albert Hall


Best performance you’ve ever watched. John Wilson conducting the film proms



Which countries have you visited, and did you play your instrument: New York, Canada, Boston, Maderia, Mauritius, Barbados

I didn’t take my instruments with me though

What is your…

Favourite book/film:

Book: The Colour Purple

Film: anything Mission Impossible/James Bond


Favourite animal: I’m allergic to animal hair


Favourite place: UK-Cornwall

Overseas, anywhere hot!


What instrument would you play, if you had to choose another one apart from your first instrument: Percussion