Teacher Name: Tom Durham


Instrument(s) taught: Guitar, Bass Guitar


Hobbies: Cycling, trying to make the perfect cup of coffee


Favourite thing: Music!


Least favourite thing: Lateness!


Most interesting place you have performed:  Onstage at the RSC dressed as a biker[I even had my own wig]


Best performance you’ve ever watched.

Bill Frisell trio at Birmingham Conservatoire


Which countries have you visited, and did you play your instrument: Lots! India, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium.


What is your…

Favourite book: Catch22


Favourite animal: Gorilla


Favourite place: Kerala, India


What instrument would you play, if you had to choose another one apart from your first instrument:


Any other interesting facts about yourself?

I am pretty handy with a sewing machine and have been known to make my own clothes/anything I need that has to be sewn.