Here’s Mr Beer with inofmation all about the Tuba.

Here’s a performance from Mr Beer of Rondo by Capuzzi!

Is one of your valves sticking? ¬†Here’s Mr Bates to explain how to fix it!

Here’s Mrs Lock playing Rocket Ship! Why click the treble clef on the right for notation to play along.

Here’s some members from the brass team playing ‘Smoke on the water’. Click the treble clef for the notation, scroll down to find your part and enjoy playing along with them!

Here’s some of the brass team again playing ‘Fanfare Royale’. ¬†Click the Treble clef to the right to play along with them!

Why not try ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ with Mrs Matthews.

Here’s Mrs Lock with My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean.

Why not duet with Mrs Matthews playing ‘You and Me’.

Here’s another duet with Mrs Matthews you can try, ‘Quavers for Two’.

Here’s the duet ‘London’s Burning’ with Mrs Matthews.

Why not try the duet ‘Marching Together’ with Mrs Mathews.

How is your crotchet and quaver rhythm reading? Why not try out this rhythm grid with Mrs Matthews.

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