Great music teachers log their sheet music: make every copy count!

Every Copy Counts is a brand new campaign to help schools get the best out of the
Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML).

● Did you know that your school has a SPML, meaning that you can legally photocopy and arrange music?
● Did you know that your school is required to report data on any printed music you are copying and arranging?
● Did you know that by reporting your data, you help ensure that the right composers and songwriters get paid for their music?

The SPML enables teachers to copy and arrange music based on a set of straightforward terms and conditions, without any need for you to negotiate or fund the licence.

The licence is granted automatically to all state-funded schools and academies in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland by the Departments for Education. Fees paid by the Education Departments are distributed to music publishers, and then to creators.

However, to date less than 2% of schools have reported what music they are copying and arranging, meaning that the royalty distribution system is currently neither accurate nor fair.

If your school is photocopying / arranging music under the SPML, you are required to share information about this.

In return, teachers can freely access
● Exclusive set of resources created by teachers for teachers, exploring composing and songwriting in the classroom
● Webinars for your students bringing composers, songwriters and industry experts into your classroom
● Access to Teacher Exchange virtual sessions to share practice and network with other teachers
● Guidance on licensing and the music publishing industry
● Digital pack containing a poster, certificate and logos for your school

Exciting news…enter your printed music data during the Annual Copycat Challenge week (20-24 June) and in addition to the above you will be entered into a prize draw to win a ticket to the exclusive Ivor Novello awards, as well as equipment, books and music for your school. Everyone submitting data during the Annual Copycat Challenge will automatically receive a 15% discount off sheet music on, as well as have access to webinar content about composing, songwriting and the music publishing industry for you and your students.

Next steps
1. Visit
2. Register your school on the online portal
3. Upload information on what you are copying/arranging
4. Unlock free resources!

Find out more in the short film below.