Back in April 2023 86 year old Terry took grade 3 Trumpet passing with flying colours.  Since then he has continued attending regular lessons with retired SIPS member of staff Wendy and along with committed home practice has now taken and successfully passed Trinity College London Grade 4 Trumpet! 

Terry said;

Applying for my Grade IV trumpet exam through SIPS was very easy, partly because my teacher has contacts with SIPS staff and arranged it for me. The application form was very easy to complete, and I submitted that to the examiner on the exam day.

The exam itself was quite daunting, as it was set in a big hall which I wasn’t used to. I felt rather nervous and lonely! The examiner was friendly and fair in his comments though, and finding out my result very soon after the exam day was helpful and reassuring.

I had to work a lot harder to prepare for my Grade IV exam than with the earlier grades, but it was worth all the effort to know that I have passed Grade IV. It is a great achievement at the age of 86!

Congratulations and thank you to Terry for this inspirational achievement and reminder that it’s never too late to learn and progress.

We look forward to hearing about Terry’s future achievements!

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At SIPS we run a termly public Trinity College London exam centre. For further infomation about entering please follow the link below.