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Success in 2017 – Rockulele!

Success in 2017 – Rockulele!

On Friday 9th June 2017 ‘Rockulele!’ took place at West Bromwich Town Hall. It involved around 400 children from 9 Sandwell Schools aged between 6 and 11 years old. Most were armed with ukuleles singing their hearts out and strumming in earnest over two concert...
Amazing Ensembles!

Amazing Ensembles!

What an amazing year it’s been for our ensembles!  There have been many rehearsals, numerous concerts, residential trips, gigs and even the experience of playing for Her Majesty the Queen (in the pouring rain..).  We though we’d put a short...
Spring Concert Series

Spring Concert Series

The Spring term culminated in some incredible performances from all of our Music Centre ensembles.  It’s important that our young musicians have regular opportunities to perform to a live audience throughout the year and it’s always a pleasure for teachers, parents...